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For best results when searching for details about an individual, use their surname, first name, or nickname, or a combination of these. To narrow the search results, it is best to include more than one word. A lot of information is also indexed by Army Number.

Google search

In order to be included in the Search results, a page must be added to the Google index for this web site. Google refreshes its index about once a month, so it's possible that some recently updated or newly added pages may not have been included.

If you get an error when you try to view one of the Search results, click on the Cached link to see an older copy of the page.

Some parts of the Nominal Roll database and the Photo Gallery database are not included in Google search, so use the other search tools to find information in these.

Nominal Roll search

For new users, try the ready made links on the Nominal Roll 1 page. These links cover most of the popular ways to search the Nominal Roll.

For advanced users, use the Nominal Roll 2 database search. You can search any field in the database using a wide variety of conditions. For best results try the different values in the drop down list for each field.

Photo Gallery search

The Photo Gallery search scans all title, caption and notes that are related to photos in the database. You can search for a full word or a number, or any part of it. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger view of the image.


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