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BAILEY, Norman - NX24081, Pte.

BUSINE, Sydney Herbert Thomas - NX77799, Pte.

CLARRIS, Arthur Robert George - QX20007 (QX4625, QX481), Pte.

COOMBES, Frank James - NX2111, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

CREER, John Alexander - NX43783, Pte.

CREER, Norman Oliver - NX43780, Pte.

DAY, Frederick James - NX49755, Pte.

GLEESON, Thomas Patrick - NX39231, Pte.

HOWES, William Ernest - NX41996, Pte.

JONES, Ronald Roy - NX4564, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

LYNCH, Darcy Frederick - QX24156, Pte.

MASON, Keith James - NX43094, Pte.

McGOVEN, Sydney Rupert - NX627, Pte.

McNEILL, Robert Henry - NX47672, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

MILLER, Allen - NX21368, Pte.

POWER, Allan William - NX54511, Pte.

SMEDLEY, Walter Rex - NX37632, Pte. HQ; C 4, Carrier; 15

YEO, William Herbert - NX56971, Pte.

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