Japan Party - sent to Japan from A and D Forces after railway completed

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BAILEY, Norman - NX24081, Pte.

BAIRD, James Harold - NX47812, Pte. D 17

BIDDLE, Eric William - NX69869, Pte. B

BLACK, Donald Wrixon - NX37561, Pte. C 13

BUSH, Kenneth Thomas - NX43925, Pte. B

CHANEY, Robert Charles - NX30417, Pte. B 10

CLARRIS, Arthur Robert George - QX20007 (QX4625, QX481), Pte.

COOMBES, Frank James - NX2111, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

CRAIG, Douglas Andrew Love - NX35512, Pte. BHQ D&P

CURRAN, Maxwell William - NX37529, Pte. D 16

DARE, Rupert William - VX55006, Pte.

DENHOLM, Alexander - NX4333, Pte. B 10

DOBBS, Samuel John - NX39777 (2/400020), Pte. A 7

DONNELLY, Clifford Gerald - NX47787, Pte. C

DU ROSS, Stanley Claude Melbourne - NX24909, Sgt. HQ 3, Mortar

FLACK, Norman Charles - NX35752, Pte. C

FRITH, Donald William - NX51948, Pte. A 8

GRIFFIN, Robert William - NX47400, Pte. D

HANN, Ian Grant - NX25741, L/Cpl. B 11

HATTON, James Michael Henry - NX26024, Pte. C

HEARN, Maurice James - NX50196, Pte. C

HICKS, Douglas Arthur - NX37360, Pte. HQ 2, A/A

HOLDER, George Henry - NX51726, Pte. B

LANGLEY, John Ryan - NX57812, Pte. B 11

LANSDOWNE, Harold Aubrey - NX31783, A/S/Sgt. E CQMS

LEONARD, Vincent Joseph Augustus - NX26885, Pte. HQ Tpt.

LESTER, Harold Bruce - NX1656, Pte. B

LLOYD, Arthur - NX32414, Pte. A 7

LYNCH, Darcy Frederick - QX24156, Pte.

MAY, Frederick George - NX7248, Pte. C 15

McGRATH, Ernest John - QX18378, Pte.

McGRATH, James Milton - NX45789, L/Cpl. HQ 2, A/A

McLEOD, Thomas Kennedy (Kenneth) - NX20550, A/Cpl. B 10

McMANUS, Richard - NX18445, Pte.

McNAB, James Alistair - NX30302, L/Cpl. HQ Signals

McNEIL, William - NX31777, Cpl. B 12

MOYNIHAN, William James - NX32703, Sgt. D 17

NICHOLLS (Nicholas), Tony - QX21979, Pte. BHQ D&P

O'REGAN, Patrick James - NX44265, Pte. BHQ D&P

PEGRUM, Reginald Oliver - NX33393, Pte. A

PLOWES, Stuart Hilton - NX37421, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

ROGERS, Leslie William - NX37353, Pte. HQ Signals

ROLFE, Sydney Bernard - NX72410, Pte.

SANSON, Ronald Alexander - NX594, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

SKINNER, Oswald Victor - NX37543, Pte. D Coy. HQ

SLATTERY, William Francis - NX51053, Pte. BHQ Off. Mess

TOME, Frank - NX32743, Sgt. HQ Tpt.

TURNER, Elwin Timothy (Elvin) - NX53104, Pte. BHQ D&P

WILKINSON, Dudley Norman - NX66840, Pte. BHQ Band

WINTERS, Leo Jerome - NX596, Pte. D 17

WRIGHT, Walter John - NX41945, Pte. D 16

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