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MORTON (WOODFORD), Robert (Robert Anthony) - NX37528, Pte. A 7

WADE, Leslie - NX31488, Pte. A 7

WADE, Stanley Edward - NX47172, Pte. HQ Mortar

WAITE, Frank Herbert - NX58162, Pte. HQ 3, Mortar

WAITE, Geoffrey Freeman - NX36299, Lieut. C O/C 13 Pl.

WAITE, George Alfred - QX9775, Pte.

WALKER, Frederick James - NX26290, Pte. B 12

WALKER, Herbert Arthur - NX55885, L/Sgt.

WALKER, Osville Wallace - NX72615, Pte. A 7

WALKER, Reuben Seymour (John) - NX66387 (2388), Lt. Col. BHQ RSM. WO1

WALLACE, Edward Charles - NX34206, Pte. C

WALLACE, Scott James - NX20446, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

WALLACE, Victor David - QX15813, Pte. C

WALLACE, Walter - NX58809, WO II

WALLBANK, Raymond - NX47967, Pte.

WALLER, David Arthur - NX37356, Pte. BHQ D&P

WALLER, Harry Mackay - NX58022, Pte.

WALLIS, Edmund Winston - NX47871, Pte. C 15

WALLWORK, Frank - NX47771, Pte. D 16

WALLWORK, Martin Russell - NX47592, Pte. HQ 3, Mortar

WALSH, John Christopher - NX59579, Pte. BHQ HWPDU

WALSH, Robert Leslie - NX37706, Pte. A 7

WALSH Very Rev. Dr., Patrick John - QX19117, Padre BHQ Padre

WALSHE, James Prior - NX50446, Pte. HQ 3, Mortar

WALTERS, Ernest - NX11005, Pte.

WALTERS, Maxwell Russell - NX20293, Pte.

WARBY, Francis Max - NX30041, A/Cpl. D 17

WARD, Kevin James - NX47865, Pte. A 8

WARD, Morris Allen (John Anderson) - NX41867, Pte. A 8

WARNER, Ronald Henry - NX55107, Pte.

WARTON, Allen Charles - NX36588, Pte. B 10

WARTON, Raymond - NX10783, Pte. BHQ D&P

WATERSON, Stanley - NX26599, Pte. B 12

WATKINS, Arthur Thomas - VX55188, Pte.

WATKINS, Frank - NX34608 (25048, 246515, NX7327), Pte.

WATKINS, Norman Alfred - NX45020, Pte. A 9

WATSON, Edward Christopher - NX34246, Pte.

WATSON, Edward George - NX38136, Pte. HQ Tpt.

WATSON, Reginald Martin - NX41107, Pte.

WATSON, Robert Arthur - QX21455, Pte. B 12

WATT, Edward Louvain - NX25458, Cpl. A 9A

WATT, Lindsay Samuel - NX46548, Pte.

WATTERSON, Rowland Hubert - NX67631, A/Sgt. BHQ Band

WATTS, Donald Leonard - NX37432, Pte. B 12

WATTS, Francis Samuel - NX26860, Pte. B 12

WAUGH, Norman Sidney - NX49282, Pte. B 10

WEAVER, Leo Patrick - NX58534, Pte.

WEBB, Francis John - NX36696, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

WEBBER, Harry George - NX2712, L/Cpl. C 15

WEBSTER, James Wilson - NX5658, A/Cpl. B Coy. HQ

WEBSTER, Leslie - NX54877, Pte. D

WEBSTER, Sidney Linden - NX36533, Pte. D

WEEBER, Alfred - NX71616, Pte. A 9A

WEIR, William Edward - NX37519, Pte. B 12

WEISS, Harry Blanch - NX36483, Pte. C 13

WELCH, Alfred Bertram - QX21929, Pte. B

WELCH, Leslie Myrven - NX47304, Pte. HQ Signals

WELLS, Max - NX1715 (NX54304), Pte.

WELLS, Robert Frederick - NX47685, Pte. D 18

WEST, Donald Simm - NX52631, Pte. B

WEST, Henry Walter - NX32457, Pte. HQ 2, A/A

WEST, Jack Sydney - NX47833, Pte. D 18

WESTON, Herbert - QX24203, Pte.

WESTON (Bright), Jack - NX36242, Pte. HQ Pioneer

WHALAN, Thomas - NX47447, Pte.

WHARTON, Leslie Hope - NX41339, Pte. BHQ Ord. Room

WHITBREAD, Norman Harold Clement - NX18363, L/Cpl. C 13

WHITE, George Harold - NX27159, Cpl. BHQ Cook HQ Coy

WHITE, John - NX47884, Pte.

WHITE, Patrick John - NX51183, Pte. B 11

WHITE, Ronald Charles - NX37429, Pte.

WHITE, William - NX54050, Pte.

WHITE (Rhodes-White), Robert Rhodes (Robert) - NX41360, Cpl. D 18

WHITFIELD, Claude - NX26304, Pte. B

WHITTERON, Edward Sprowell - NX36267, Pte. BHQ Band

WHITTON, Frederick John - NX45799, Pte.

WHITWORTH, Arthur Richard - NX51073, Pte.

WHYATT, Lesly - QX21939, Pte. D 18

WICKS, Jack William - NX45429 (N274772), Pte.

WICKS, Verdun James - NX47266, Pte. HQ Tpt.

WIGGINTON, Charles William - NX52965, Pte.

WIGHTMAN, Arthur Egerton - NX36654, Pte. HQ 4, Carrier

WILDING, Brian Wilfred - NX60591, Pte.

WILEY, Raymond Samuel - NX46142, Pte.

WILKINS, Charles Wilfred - NX45722, Pte. Unknown

WILKINSON, Dudley Norman - NX66840, Pte. BHQ Band

WILLDING, Norman Eric - NX26829, Cpl. B 11

WILLIAMS, Allan Robert - NX10765, Pte. D 18

WILLIAMS, Donald Hubert - NX36593, Pte. D

WILLIAMS, Edward John - NX37389, Pte.

WILLIAMS, Eric Francis - NX47829, Pte.

WILLIAMS, Frank Edward - NX47953, Pte. A 8

WILLIAMS, George Frederick - NX78041 (NX12032), Pte. A 8

WILLIAMS, Henry Clifford - NX32692, Pte.

WILLIAMS, Keith Noel - NX34379, L/Cpl. A 7

WILLIAMS, Melville Stewart - NX36397, WO II

WILLIAMS, Robert Bradford - QX12278, L/Cpl. A 7

WILLIAMS, Roy Eric - NX57346, Pte. Unknown

WILLIAMSON, Clarence - NX36545, Pte. C

WILLIAMSON, Thomas - NX54500, Pte. A 8

WILLIS, Ernest Maurice - NX31546, Cpl. HQ Tpt.

WILLMOTT, Arthur James - NX26771, Pte. A 7

WILLS, Egbert Spencer - QX24735, Pte. B 12

WILMOTT, Alexander John - NX32019 (NX3499, NX78032), Pte. BHQ D&P

WILSON, Albert Lawrence - NX47500, Pte. D

WILSON, Charles Mark - NX37563, Pte. A 7

WILSON, David Royce - NX27550, A/Cpl. A 9

WILSON, Douglas Anthony - NX60208, Pte. C 15

WILSON, Harold Creswick - NX26705, Pte. B 12

WILSON, John - QX21416, Pte. D 16

WILSON, John James - NX54596, Pte. B 11

WILSON, John Whiteman - NX37312, Pte. C 13

WILSON, Norman Keith - NX47450, Pte. HQ Tpt.

WILSON, Oswald William George - NX73774, Pte. C

WINCHESTER, Selwyn George - NX32728, Lieut. C

WINSTANLEY, Stanley - NX79537, Pte. B 11

WINTERS, Frederick Lindsay - NX47719, Pte. D 16

WINTERS, Leo Jerome - NX596, Pte. D 17

WINTERS, Leonard - NX595, Pte. D 17

WITHERS, Dudley James - NX37614, Pte. C

WOOD, Clarence William - NX36528, Pte. C 13

WOOD, Raymond - NX67373, Pte. C

WOODS, Brian Robert - NX47835, Pte. D 17

WORNER, Lloyd William - NX33492, Pte.

WORRAD, Lancelot John - NX47885, Driver

WORTH, Claude Stephen - NX37690, Pte. D 17

WRIGHT, Alfred Thomas - NX47863 (245994), Pte.

WRIGHT, Eric Stanley - NX32560, Pte. BHQ Bn. Q. Store

WRIGHT, Robert - NX36166 (2/46138), Cpl. HQ Signals

WRIGHT, Thomas Clyde - NX34039, Pte. HQ Tpt.

WRIGHT, Walter John - NX41945, Pte. D 16

WRIGHT, William Frederick - NX50208, Pte.

WRIGLEY, Keith Hastings - NX30608, Pte.

WYLIE, William Sidney - NX51819, Pte.

WYLLIE, John Scanlon - NX53991, Pte.

WYNN, Lewis Richard - NX4404, Pte. A

WYNN, Robert - NX47950 (NP83697), Cpl.

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