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Committee - 1979


Col. George E. Ramsay, E.D.


Arch Thorburn


Lt. Col Noel McG. Johnston, E.D.

Hon. Secretary:

Bruce V. Ford

Hon. Treasurer:

Alan Pryde

Hospital Visitation Convenor &
Welfare Officer:

Kevin Ward

Chief Correspondent &
Makan Editor:

Alex Dandie

Hon. Auditor:

Andy Noble

Hon. Legal Officer:

Arch Thorburn


Eric Arps, Jack Black, Garry Evans, Fred Johnston, Jack Maclay, Ron Maston, Ray Rickards, Bruce Upcroft, Doc Wilson


The covers for Makan are, and for some years have been a gift from Dr. John Sands and his sister, Mrs. Sonia Lamble, in memory of their brother, Dick Sands, K.I.A. 15/1/1942, at Gemas.

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