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Circular No. 113
1st June, 1956

Official Organ of 2/30th Bn. A.I.F. Assn


Dear Dig,

In response to many requests we have included the addresses of the next of kin of your late comrades John Gaden and Les Thorne at the end of this Makan. The next of kin would appreciate a card or a line from you. John Gaden's wife would appreciate copies of May Makan if you still have yours.

The Special Reunion which was held at the Gallipoli Legion Rooms on April 6th was a very happy affair but was not attended by a great many of the members. Only fifty members were present compared with an average of one hundred and twenty at our normal reunions. Those who were there had a most enjoyable evening but country members, for whom this reunion was planned, were conspicuous by their absence.

The Committee decided, at a subsequent meeting to shift the date of the reunion back to November. We hope to have a record attendance of country members in this year. The night of April 6th was a memorable one for Jackie Boss who was presented with his third baby by his wife Cecilie. Cecilie is Reg Ellis' daughter and so he became a grandfather for the third time on that day. Reg is well. The baby has been named Gregory John.

Ron Maston has been transferred to Sydney, from Maitland by his firm. Ron has been a keen Association man since its inception but has rarely been in a position to attend any functions. We look forward to seeing Ron at our next reunion, His new address, until he is able to find a permanent house, is C/- Colonial Mutual Life, 14 Martin Place, Sydney. Incidentally, if you have any insurance problems why not ring Ron and talk them over with him. You couldn't find a fairer man to do business with.

Our friends of the 2/15th Field Regiment A.I.F. Association held a reunion at the R.S.L. Club, Sydney on 21st April. Our President, Arch Thorburn, attended as an official guest, whilst Black Jack attended as Guest Speaker. The reunion was apparently a very successful function, well conducted, and well attended. B.J. and Arch were most impressed by the arrangements and congratulated the Committee on their organisation. The 2/15 Field will always be very closely allied to the 2/30th Bn, and like us they have a very strong Association. They have a high sense of responsibility to those of their members who have fallen on hard times, their committee engaging in active welfare work.

B.J. received a letter recently from John Wood, ex concert party - Changi, who is living in Spain. John lives in a small village on the coast of Spain, one of his near neighbours being Major Dennis Orm also ex 8th Div. John has heart trouble now and lives very quietly although his house is always open to visitors. He spends his leisure time in painting the local scenery.

John writes that Slim de Grey, also ex concert party was married recently in England. Slim is a member of a concert party which is at present on tour in England.

We hear that big MacDougall ex A Coy, and now a prominent member of a once respectable firm of lawyers, is being forced into hospital for an operation to his leg. You might recall that big Mac had a nasty wound on his shin which refused to heal properly. It has been giving him so much trouble during the last few years that the doctors gave him an ultimatum of going into hospital or of taking over the curing of the leg himself. Mac capitulated unconditionally.

Reg Ellis broke a rib recently whilst on holidays at Leura. During the holidays Reg enjoyed meeting Carl Odgers and Jimmy Parsons who live in that district.

Keith Broughton has, bought into the Edgecliff Service Station in New South Head Road. The service station is opposite Ascham Girls School and we hope that all members in that district will patronise Keith in his new venture.

Reg Napper and wife are to be congratulated on the birth of a baby daughter, both mother and baby doing well. Reg is at the moment working on a new church which is being built at Dover Heights as a War Memorial. The church is being built by father Con Sexton who was an Eighth Div. Padre with us.

Des Kearney has left the hotel game and is working for Wilcox Mofflin, although in what capacity we do not know. Des keeps excellent health and rejoices in a lovely wife and a family of three.

On Anzac Day Jim (eight to a table) Peebles decided after long deliberation to pay 5/- to Reg Ellis for a years subs. A careful man like Jim finds it difficult to make such a decision and we take it as a compliment that he must consider the 5/- sub good value. He made one mistake however, he gave Reg Ellis a pound note and Reg refused to give him any change. Jim was speechless at the disruption to his budget and said some nasty words in Gaelic to Reg until Reg informed him that the extra 15/- would not be classed as a donation but as three years further subs. Jim keeps good health and we hope to see him at the next reunion.

Alan Hamilton, ex A. Coy, was at the Anzac Day March. He was married and has a little daughter. Housing trouble has also hit Alan and at the moment he is living at Sydney whilst his wife and daughter are at Thirroul. Alan travels down the coast every Friday night.

George Gough of Cabramatta is well. George is not a "newsy" writer and we will have to see him personally at the next reunion to find out what he has been doing for the last few years.

Dinny Lane is now living at Heathcote and is receiving congratulations on the birth of a baby daughter, Jennifer Robin. Both mother and baby are well. Roy King of Broadmeadows, sends greetings to all his friends in the Unit.

Ward Booth and his wife are also rejoicing in the birth of their first baby, a son. Ward and his wife are hoping for a large family.

The Committee has fixed the date of Friday 13th July for the Annual General Meeting of the Association. It will be held on the top floor of the Far Eastern Cafe in Dixon Street, and Mr. Lee has already begun to arrange for all the little Chinese babies to be off the promises for that night. The Committee had considered holding of the Annual General Meeting for this year in conjunction with the November Reunion but decided against it as the two functions really do not mix. The Annual Meeting is usually a spirited affair, much quieter than the Reunion but in a way just as enjoyable. The Association cannot run smoothly unless there is plenty of interest, criticism and suggestions from the members. This type of assistance has always come from the General Meeting and we expect this year that the Meeting will be as lively as in years gone by. Anyway Friday, 13th is ideal for any type of function.

Members, and that means the Unit, will be sorry to hear that Joe Geoghegan broke his knee recently and has been in hospital for a couple of months. It was the same type of accident as happened to Snowy Stevens and we hope that Joe's recovery will be as rapid as that of Snowy. Snowy is up and about again now. Joe is a patient at Sydney Hospital, Randwick Branch.

Please forward cheques, money orders and postal notes to Reg Ellis at Boronia Park. All money orders and postal notes to be made payable at the G.P.O., Sydney.

Address for Sympathy Cards:

Mrs. Elaine Gaden, Mosman.

Mrs. L.G. Thorne, Wahroonga.



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